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with customers all over the world.

Years of experience

Our international team has been at this for a while, we produce photo-realistic visualisations and Augmented / Virtual Reality experiences from our highly qualified teams.

Based in Berlin

Our headquarters are in Berlin on the famous Kudamm.









Happy Clients



Client Satisfaction

The team

Dave sells and develops real estate personally and for third parties, specialising in the Berlin real estate market, where he was born and raised. In addition to property development, he also takes care of the purchase and sale of apartment buildings and the sale of condominiums through his company Westate GmbH. Together with Liam, he has decided to breathe new life into the old real estate industry.

David Wilde

Executive Director

Liam Poli from AR Buildings

Liam is a software engineer and entrepreneur currently based in Berlin, specialising in VR and AR technologies. Previously, he developed titles such as Valiant, Arcane and Crazy Fishing for the Virtual Reality start-up “Offpeak Games. Liam has also worked for the IBM Development Laboratory, where he worked on IBM’s SaaS-based performance monitoring.

Liam Poli

Technical Director

Jenny Nguyen from AR Buildings

Jenny comes from Vietnam and now lives in Berlin. She has a trained eye for details and takes care of the implementation the customer vision. She is a specialist in Interior and Exterior design.

Jenny Nguyen

Artistic Director

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